Director's Archive

Before we get our hands dirty, grappling with the awesome power of video marketing, take a little time to watch this a lovingly compiled selection of excerpts from the work of award-winning film and television director, producer and screenwriter Andrew Gunn. Keep your eyes peeled for some famous faces.

Television advertisement for a leading European high street fashion brand, directed by Andrew Gunn. A mini Road Movie, just for fun.


A fun video for this small, growing e-commerce business used in their main marketing strategy of Facebook Video Ads, which drove traffic to their website and resulting in hundreds of clicks per day. Last year this company hadn't even considered using video to market and grow their business, but today it's their main marketing method.

A 20-second TV commercial for DIY retail giant B&Q featuring real staff members, directed by Andrew Gunn. All the people that appear in this advertisement had never 'performed' on video before. This is just one of 45 similar commercials filmed for B&Q featuring ordinary members of staff from across the UK. It didn’t take them long to get used to the cameras and lights, and they had a ball!

Another 20-second TV commercial for DIY retailer B&Q featuring real staff members, directed by Andrew Gunn. The secret to achieving a natural and confident ‘performance’ from people new to video is to create the right environment and mood for them to relax. Once they feel at ease they will often give a natural and authentic performance. They just need to be in the right hands.

Making online videos to market and grow your business and brand can be fun and creative, even if you've never done it before. This Facebook Video Ad produced for The Warm Welly Company, features the business owner's twin sons. Yes, they're twins! These young 'super stars' had never appeared in front of the camera before let alone in a video advertisement, and this is just one of two videos shot on the same day with the boys!

Marketing & Content

This Epic Movie Trailer style video was created to promote the launch of Pendulum Summit 2017, the world's leading business and self-empowerment event, featuring international motivational speakers Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. A fun, engaging and entertaining way of showcasing the company's events and brand, as well as an epic way to get noticed on the first page of Google and YouTube.

Estate Agent Marketing Coach Sam Ashdown is dominating the first page of YouTube and Google in her industry thanks to creative content creation and strategic video optimisation. We worked with Sam to enhance her personal brand and grow her YouTube Channel using powerful video search marketing and video ranking methods.

YouTube is a very powerful (and free) platform for increasing your exposure, showcasing your personal brand and driving traffic, leads and sales to your business. We helped international speaker and social media marketing expert Paul O'Mahony grow his YouTube channel with strategic and value-driven video content creation and optimisation.

Another Epic Movie Trailer Promo for the awesome Pendulum Summit event in Dublin, January 2018, featuring Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robin Sharma, Dr John Demartini and Lisa Nichols. The terrific PS team loved their 2017 video so much they came back and asked for more! We're excited to help them reach the pinnacle of success with their bold video marketing.