How I Work With You

My mission is to help you create and implement effective video marketing and advertising strategies to grow your business and brand, whether you’re a solopreneur or a team within a larger business.

The best way that I can serve you is to bring my wealth of knowledge and experience as a filmmaker, storyteller and marketer into your business, to truly understand your goals and vision, and to work with you to transform your online videos into valuable, results-driven marketing campaigns, however large or small.


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“No Matter What Business You’re In, You’re In The Business of Attracting Customers…”

Over the years I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of working with some of the most talented and well-known actors in the UK, and now I’m looking forward to working with you. And you don’t need to be a BAFTA award winner or have a huge budget for us to work together. Don’t be deterred by my seemingly impressive credentials. I pride myself on and get a huge kick out of working with people who have never used or appeared on video before. You’ll be in safe and reliable hands.

Despite what you might think, video is not time-consuming, complicated or intimidating. Anyone, any business can use video. Actually you’ll discover it’s fun, rewarding and gets results if done properly. It’s a no brainer; you need to start using video… yesterday!

Here’s a brief breakdown of the various ways we can work together, starting with a…


After completing a brief questionnaire you can jump on Skype with me for a free half-hour consultation call. The purpose of the questionnaire is for me to get a better understanding of your current and future marketing objectives and to determine whether or not I can help you and bring value to your business.


Story / Strategy / Content / Branding / Video Marketing / Creative / Technical / Video Creation / YouTube / Video Optimisation / Video Advertising / Social Media

I offer strategic advice and guidance on Video Content Marketing, YouTube Marketing and Video Advertising on Facebook and YouTube.

Whether you simply want to get started with online video or take your current video marketing to a superior level VideoSeen will work with you on any or all of the above, to help you launch and grow your business, build your credibility, boost your online exposure, showcase your brand and drive traffic to your products and services.


It seems everyone’s a 'Coach' these days, and coaching has become an overused and devalued word.

My online video coaching is about helping you to show up as the best version of yourself on video, and comes from a lifetime of experience as a director and filmmaker, working with all kinds of people in front of the camera. I’ve coaxed performances out of 5-year olds, 'raw talent' from the street... and even a giraffe.

A director’s job is to gain trust and rapport with his performers (clients) and to create an environment where you can flourish. If you simply want to be more confident and engaging on camera, and improve your presentation style, body language and ‘presence’ on video then I’m confident you’ll find no-one better to help you.


Personal and Business Branding

Online Video is incredibly powerful and essential for branding. Do you want to be known as the ‘go to’ person or company in your field? Perhaps you already are but you want to attract a wider and highly targeted audience? Video adds the ‘Know Like and Trust’ factor to your online presence and is the ideal medium for showcasing and establishing your brand.

Facebook Video Advertising and YouTube Advertising

Selling a product or providing a service? Perhaps you’re promoting a book, a launch or an event? You can supercharge your marketing strategy with the awesome power of Facebook Video advertising and YouTube advertising campaigns. Paid advertising is highly targeted, highly effective, and with the best ROI.

Video Scriptwriting/Copywriting

Have your ‘high-converting’ video scripts conceptualised and written for you, from scratch or based on your brief. This process is the first crucial step to the success of an online video, and is particularly important for Video Advertising. A video needs to be built to engage, influence and convert, and there’s a proven ‘formula’ for success.

Video Optimisation & Ranking

YouTube is the World’s second biggest search engine. Google is the biggest. Google own YouTube. It’s a match made in heaven when it comes to marketing and advertising your business with video. Google loves video, so it’s more likely to rank a YouTube video… if it’s correctly optimised. If you want to be found and seen easily and dominate page 1 of Google you’ll have more success using video. Simples.

Audits and Appraisals

  • Online Video Marketing Audit.
  • YouTube Channel and Video Content Audit.
  • Video Content, Optimisation and Strategy Audit.


YouTube is not just a place for videos about funny cats, epic fails and cute babies, it’s a platform you can use strategically to attract a ton of free traffic and leads to your business and brand with simple videos.

The key is to leverage the power of YouTube and Google to get your business, product or service easily found and seen. Google own YouTube so your videos are more easily ranked and you get prime exposure right where people are looking.

I work with you to grow your YouTube Channel, create high-converting video content, rank your videos on Page 1 of Google, and optimise everything so you can transform those subscribers and views into results = traffic, leads, customers, clients and sales.

What I Don’t Do, and Who I Don’t Work With

I don’t produce 'run-of-the-mill' corporate or About Us videos. VideoSeen is not a ‘bricks-and-mortar’ company supplying video production services or facilities. VideoSeen is different because of its marketing, advertising and storytelling expertise.

I do create professional high-quality videos with and on behalf of my clients, but this normally forms part of a strategic video marketing and/or advertising campaign. I prefer to work with business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the huge power of online video and are comfortable with investing in this leading-edge medium to grow their business and brand.

My FREE 30-MINUTE  CONSULTATION CALL is designed to address these issues so we can move forward swiftly and productively.