From Daleks and Drama Queens… to Digital Marketing and VideoSeen

My passion for the moving image began at a very young age and continues to this day in my video marketing and advertising business, VideoSeen.

During a 25-year career in the British film and television industry I’ve been fortunate enough to direct some of the most high-profile British shows of recent years, working with high-calibre actors, Academy Award nominees and BAFTA award-winners.

My diverse body of work encompasses popular drama, comedy, commercials and documentaries for clients such as the BBC, ITV, Channel Four and Showtime. I’ve been lucky enough to pick up a few awards along the way, including two Royal Television Society Commendations. In the world of advertising I have directed commercials for DDB & Co, McCann Erickson, BMP/DDB, JWT and DFWG. Clients include DIY retail giant B&Q.


Doctor Who - BBC 2010


Life On Mars - BBC 2007

Have you seen the Emmy award-winning LIFE ON MARS or the cult BAFTA award-winning sitcom GREEN WING? I did those. My hugely successful episode of DOCTOR WHO (“Victory of the Daleks”) made British television history with the inception of the brand-spanking-new Über Daleks! Yes, I survived a spaceship full of the Doctor’s arch-nemesis! I've also directed some exciting episodes of SURVIVORS, PRIMEVAL and WILD AT HEART.

It may surprise you to learn that the lifestyle of a film and TV director is far from ‘glamorous’. For over fifteen years I just worked and worked and worked but despite being very passionate about filmmaking and storytelling I gradually discovered that my career wasn’t conducive to a balanced home life or relationship. The relentless schedules, missed holidays, missed family time, 80+ hour weeks and constant commuting gradually took their toll. And financially it was either feast or famine. It finally got to me.


To cut a much longer story short I opted out of the film and TV world and took the very risky decision to become my own boss and follow my entrepreneurial aspirations. After a very steep and rapid learning curve I launched my own local video marketing agency creating videos for local businesses, as well as creating and ranking videos for the likes of Dr John Demartini. I discovered I had a knack for ranking videos on Google. Actually it wasn’t me, it was the methods and strategies I was using.

Today spend more time on YouTube than I do on Netflix, and I help business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, speakers and coaches to grow their businesses with Online Video and YouTube.

I’m also a speaker, course creatoronline video trainer and Amazon Best Selling co-author, and I’m fortunate to count amongst my friends, collaborators and mentors some of the most successful digital marketing entrepreneurs in the UK and US, namely James Wedmore, Brandon Lucero, Paul O'Mahony, Nick James and Dr John F. Demartini.

Please take a moment to look at some of my previous work in the VIDEOS section, just to get your juices flowing.

The videos are there to give you a flavour of my filmmaking credentials, and to demonstrate that you’re in good hands when it comes to your online videos.

In ‘real life’ I’m is a proud dad, a keen mountain biker (with the scars to prove it!), a fell walker, fresh air freak, tea addict and walking movie encyclopaedia.



A Collection of Inspirational and Motivational Stories from Around the World.


CHAPTER ONE "The Butterfly Effect"

Amazon Best Seller in Several Categories including Personal Development and Business.

Some People, Animals and Machines I’ve Worked With…

Do you recognise any of these names? If not, Google them, then call me to add yours to the list.

I’m proud to count Andy Serkis, Matt Smith, Imelda Staunton, David Morrissey, John Simm, Philip Glenister, Stephen Tompkinson, Vinnie Jones, Felicity Jones, Danny Dyer, Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig amongst my previous collaborators.

Awards and Accolades

THE CARAVAN TRILOGY (Short films) - Co-Writer, Producer and Director.

  • Leeds International Film Festival. Official Selection in Competition 2013

HALF A SHAVE  (Short film) - Writer, Producer and Director.

  • Certificate of Merit - Chicago International Film Festival 1995
  • Regional Royal Television Society Commendation 1996

CAFE AU LAIT  (Short film) - Writer, Producer, Camera and Director.

  • Regional Royal Television Society Commendation 1994

MERMAIDS (Graduation film) - Writer, Producer, Editor and Director.

  • Young Filmmaker Award - Tyneside International Film Festival 1987      
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